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Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

3 Adar, 5772 / February 26, 2012

A New War in the Middle East

Barack Obama’s plans for Communist revolution and dictatorship are not limited to the United States, but are rather part of a plan for global Communist revolutionary turmoil to take place over the next year or two. The center of this impending world war lies in the Middle East, with Israel directly in the crosshairs.

The preparations for this new war consist largely of a repeat of the strategic deception that took place more than 20 years ago, in which Communism pretended to “collapse” — only this time the sequel is centered in the Middle East rather than eastern Europe. The Communist Bloc is hoping you’ll forget that the first set of “changes” in Europe turned out to be pure lies, with Communists and their genocidal secret-police infrastructures continuing to rule to the present day.

“Strategic Deception 2.0” has already been implemented, or is actively underway, in several Communist countries:

  • Egypt has been under Communist occupation since 1952. Last year’s illusory “revolution” was orchestrated by the Soviet-controlled Egyptian secret police and military, and the “new” regime is composed of the same Communists as before. The Muslim Brotherhood, a Communist front organization since its founding in the 1920s and a virtual arm of the secret police, now holds the leading position in that regime. Rather than becoming pro-West and pro-Israel, Communist Egypt is now actually escalating its support of PLO revolution and other Communist terrorism.
  • Libya was intended by the Soviets to serve as a new battleground for the U.S. and Europe to fight a long-term, no-win war in the Middle East, the Iraqi and Afghani wars having largely failed in that objective. Most of last year’s “fighting” was staged for foreign benefit, right down to mock combat that did little real damage; the Communists of the former regime now comprise the “new” regime and the various militias, with Communist rule continuing as before. Indeed, Libya is now stepping up its logistical support of terrorism, sending more Soviet weapons to Communist revolutionaries throughout Africa than previously.
  • In Yemen, the “opposition” is led and largely composed of Communists from the regime’s military and other elements. Protests and fighting are carefully controlled or even faked. But the illusion of “change” is providing cover for accelerated shipments of arms and other logistical support to Communist revolutionaries in Saudi Arabia, with the intent of overthrowing that kingdom.
  • Syria, a Communist state since 1949, is now becoming the chosen battleground for the no-win war in the Middle East, since Americans and Europeans declined to become enmeshed in Libya’s phony “war” last year. Bogus reports of “fighting” and “casualties” are being generated faster than the Federal Reserve prints money, complete with carefully edited video footage of alleged bodies (possibly exhumed from nearby cemeteries) and unconfirmable reports of “attacks” in cities to prop up the growing hoax. The “opposition,” to the extent it exists at all, is led by Communist military officers and armed by Soviet proxy forces. The Syrian people, on the other hand, seem generally unaware that the outside world thinks there is an uprising in their police-state country.
  • Burma (aka Myanmar) is pursuing a careful perestroika strategy of phased transition while the Soviet Russians and Red Chinese arm that regime to the teeth with modern weapons. The “opposition” is led by such Communists as Aung San Suu Kyi, whose father was one of the Burmese Communist revolutionaries who collaborated with the Axis powers in World War II to break Burma free of British rule and ultimately turned it into the Communist state it is today. See the Oct. 28, 2007 issue of our newsletter for more background.

The Communist Bloc is preparing to extend the deception to the following Communist countries, at minimum:

  • Iran has been cultivating a controlled “opposition” since the 1980s, led entirely by Communists from the regime and populated by agents of its vast, Soviet-controlled secret police. Recently, the regime has also been pretending that there is a growing “split” in its ranks, a prelude to orchestrating another fake revolution and transition to “democracy.” The object will be to buy time while the Soviets install nuclear and other weapons in Iran in preparation for a larger world war to be centered in the Middle East. Background information is available in the June 24, 2007 and July 13, 2009 newsletters on this site.
  • Soviet Russia failed, to a great extent, to achieve its objectives since pretending to “collapse” in 1991. The Communists need to try another renewal, hoping that Americans and Europeans will believe the fraud a second time — despite the first attempt having already been discredited, with KGB agents such as Vladimir Putin and other Communists openly running the country and maintaining its thousands of concentration camps and a nuclear arsenal pointed at the U.S. and Europe. Who are Putin’s “opposition”? It consists mainly of Russia’s offical Communist Party, its various front organizations, and “former” Communists and other leaders who are quite chummy with the Kremlin. Only the biggest fools will believe this Russian “collapse” the second time around.
  • Red China is busily organizing false opposition, including protests by workers and peasants, while gradually introducing its own version of perestroika from the top down. See the April 27, 2008 issue of our newsletter and the article “Playing the China Card” on ATTAC Report for more background.
  • Cuba is likewise grooming its own “opposition” in combination with a stepwise perestroika in preparation for staging its own dramatic “collapse.” The Aug. 27, 2006 issue of our newsletter and the article “Cuba Accelerates the Revolution” on ATTAC Report provide more detailed information.

As pointed out many years ago by Soviet KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, one of the primary goals of phony changes in the Communist Bloc is to help galvanize real revolution in free countries. In recent months, this strategy is being applied to such countries as the following:

  • Tunisia, though under heavy Marxist influence, was not a Communist country. Last year’s revolution was organized by Communists in the streets in conjunction with traitors inside the government itself. A weaker transitional government has now replaced the old one, and the Communists are hoping to restart the revolution to topple this one in favor of a Communist “people’s republic.”
  • Bahrain came dangerously close last year to becoming a Soviet satellite. The revolutionaries, while claiming to speak on behalf of Shiite Muslims, were in fact organized by Iranian intelligence in alliance with Maoists and other radical Bahraini Communists. Saudi Arabia and other neighboring Gulf states recognized the danger in time and sent troops to suppress the uprising. The Communists are fuming.
  • Saudi Arabia is openly targeted by a long list of Communist revolutionary groups, some affiliated with the PLO and others pretending to be “Muslim.” The Saudi kingdom has so far remained resolute in the face of the growing revolutionary threat, keeping things relatively quiet, but guns and terrorists are flowing into the country from Communist Yemen and elsewhere.
  • The Baathist-Communist regime in Iraq was unexpectedly overthrown by the American invasion in 2003, and the Baath Party and allied Communists have been working to restore Communism ever since. The current Iraqi government is completely dominated by such Communists and by agents of Iranian intelligence, and the Soviets are orchestrating a growing revolution in the streets. The country is in grave danger.
  • The United States was targeted last year by the Occupy Movement, a coalition of Leftist groups organized by the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA), the American Nazi Party (ANP), and other allies. The intent was to spark a broad-based popular revolution that would plunge America into violent revolution. Unfortunately for the Communists, there are very few Leftist sympathizers in America these days. Nevertheless, Occupy radicals could still carry out terrorist attacks while Barack Obama helps them by declaring a police state (to paralyze anti-Communist opposition). Socialist “Republican” candidate Mitt Romney certainly intends to do his part by throwing the election to Obama, if given the chance.
  • In addition to the PLO revolution among Arabs, Israel was recently targeted by Communist revolution among Israeli Jews in the guise of labor strikes and economic protests. While that effort to destabilize the country has fizzled, the Communists will be seeking every opportunity to try again.

In short, international Communism is conducting revolutionary theatrics to bring about the world revolution during the next year or two. At a time like this, we need G-d’s blessing more than ever to survive the imminent threat.

Dozens of new responses to our proclamations have just been posted on the PLO-Defunding Campaign’s web site (www.plo.attacreport.com). More than 650 Jewish rabbis, as well as dozens of non-Jewish conservatives, have endorsed JAHG-USA’s drive to cut off American funding from the Communist PLO. If enough Americans show they are serious about stopping this blood money, the Creator of the Universe will certainly reciprocate with His invincible protection to pull the rug out from under the Obama-Romney axis.


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