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Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

20 Teves, 5772 / January 15, 2012

Will Obama Cancel the 2012 Elections?

By now the pattern is becoming clear, and the Communist strategy is emerging.

Barack Obama’s Communist masters are determined to keep him in office after 2012. But with the nearly universal loathing of Obama and his deadly, Jew-hating, anti-American, Communist revolutionary agenda, getting him re-elected would be entirely impossible. Even the electoral fraud machine, composed of millions of Communist cadres (masquerading as “community organizers” or social activists) controlling thousands of precincts nationwide, would have a very hard time stealing the vote as they did in the 2008 fraudulent “election” — especially now that even many Democrats have turned against Obama. The margin of fraud they could produce would be swamped out by the enormous landslide of American opposition.

So the Communist underground network must arrange for a Republican opponent whom they control, one who will sabotage his own campaign and throw the election to Obama — much as John McCain did in 2008. The perfect man for that job is, of course, Mitt Romney, the career Leftist who led the way in imposing Socialist medicine in Massachusetts before Obama imposed a similar system on the nation as a whole.

But to ensure that Obama’s puppet, Romney, wins the Republican nomination, they must arrange for alternate candidates who will themselves sabotage their own campaigns to guarantee Romney’s win. That is precisely what every significant Republican candidate has been doing. Whether carefully restraining their attacks on Romney, or making sure not to expose his Socialist agenda, or making unexplained blunders in campaign organizing, or declaring their own victories to be “unlikely” so as to demoralize their supporters, every single Republican candidate has been leading his followers down the primrose path to defeat in favor of Romney.

Given the Republican candidates’ Leftist ties, that is hardly surprising:

  • Rick Santorum’s extended family is filled with members and supporters of the Italian Communist Party, and he remains close with those relatives. Unsurprisingly, his voting record has frequently leaned to the left. [Editorial note, 1/19/12: Santorum’s own father and grandfather were among the supporters and/or members of the Italian Communist Party, closely tied to the Party’s leaders.]
  • Ron Paul, who used to be somewhat conservative (or libertarian, to be precise) thirty years ago, has quite apparently made his behind-the-scenes deal with the Left sometime in the last ten or twenty years. Thus he consistently opposes Israel in the name of opposing foreign aid, yet refuses to endorse the PLO-Defunding Campaign to cut off foreign aid from the PLO terrorists, and votes to continue foreign aid to such Communist regimes as Syria!
  • Rick Perry was an open Leftist who pretended to become conservative, yet retains ties to the Socialist, Communist-connected Bilderberg Group and has continued to support much of its Marxist agenda, such as Public Health.
  • Newt Gingrich, as congressman and as Speaker of the House in the 1990s, spent a great deal of effort supporting the Left’s agenda while sabotaging conservative efforts to oppose Bill Clinton. [Editorial note, 1/19/12: Gingrich has, in fact, been a member of the Fabian Socialist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for more than two decades.]
  • Jon Huntsman is so openly Leftist as to require no comment at all.

Every one of these candidates is already throwing the election to Romney while putting on a show of pretending to run.

But even with Romney throwing the general election to Obama while the Communist fraud machine steals or fabricates millions of votes, Obama may not be able to prevail over the unified and adamant opposition of Americans.

So it is entirely possible that Obama is already planning to declare a national emergency and suspend the elections this year. If, as November approaches, it becomes apparent that Obama will lose, he may well decide to conduct a de facto coup d’etat, sending military troops into the streets while arresting members of Congress and declaring himself “President for life.” This would, of course, be combined with police-state measures to move against conservatives in general and America’s Jewish population in particular.

However, we must remember that G-d is in charge of everything that happens in His creation. Just as the Creator allowed Obama to seize the White House in 2008, He can just as easily pull the rug out from under the Obama-Romney axis and defeat their plans this year.

Why did G-d allow Obama to take power in 2009? One need look no further than the fact that the United States continues to send approximately $1 billion per year to the Communist PLO — the Soviet-controlled terrorist organization that swears it will destroy the 5.5 million Jews of Israel in a second Holocaust. America’s support for the enemies of G-d’s chosen people is sufficient reason for G-d to impose the Obama administration as punishment.

To earn back G-d’s support, Americans must show that they are determined to stop the funding of the PLO. If a sufficient number of Americans commit themselves to supporting the PLO-Defunding Campaign while there is still time (even if the effort does not yet succeed in actually cutting off the PLO’s money), we can be sure that the Creator, in his infinite mercy, will spare America from the impending Obama dictatorship.

Dozens of new responses to our proclamations have just been posted on the campaign’s web site (www.plo.attacreport.com). Some 650 Jewish rabbis, as well as dozens of non-Jewish conservatives, have endorsed JAHG-USA’s drive to cut off American funding from the Communist PLO. If enough Americans support this growing movement, we may soon see the day not only that the Obama-Romney axis is defeated, but that the justice system tries, convicts, and executes Barack Obama for treason against the nation.


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