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From the desk of
Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

2 Nissan, 5770 / March 17, 2010

A growing tide of increasingly open anti-Semitism is streaming from the Obama administration, and it’s not only going to continue, but will intensify in the near future.

The Jew-baiting, Israel-bashing rhetoric is flowing freely from the very same administration figures who are doing everything possible to finance and arm the PLO terrorists: Barack Obama himself, a life-long affiliate of Communist causes and terrorists, including the PLO revolution; Joseph Biden, a Fabian Socialist and supporter of Marxist causes who never found a Communist terrorist group he didn’t love (especially the African National Congress/ANC and the PLO), and whose fanaticism for destroying Israel has been public for many years; Hillary Clinton, another life-long associate of radical Communist and terrorist organizations whose dedication to the PLO, and to the destruction of Israel, is second to none; Rahm Emanuel, whose Marxist and Communist links have long been an integral part of his war against Israel and his rabid support for Yassir Arafat and the PLO; and others.

That these figures hate Jews is obvious, from their actions and, increasingly, from their words as well. But what gives them the psychotic confidence to think that they can succeed at having the PLO destroy Israel, and play its role in a second Holocaust against the Jews, in the face of overwhelming public opposition in America and Israel?

The answer, as we have explained before (see our Sept. 1, 2009 issue), lies in the army of millions of secret Communist cadres who have infiltrated every organization and institution of our society. As the holy Talmud and other traditional Jewish sources reveal, the generation in which evil is finally destroyed and the Messiah comes — our own generation — will first see the massive subversion by spies who will, initially, be extraordinarily successful.

Every conservative opposition movement is laced with, and led and organized by, enormous numbers of such Communist agents. They are found in the Israeli right wing and its settler movement; in religious, orthodox Judaism; in the Christian religious right in America; in the “Tea Party” movement; in the pro-life movement; and in every other conservative cause. They are busy fragmenting, co-opting, confusing, and misleading every conservative effort to turn things around politically or socially.

Every movement, that is, except for JAHG-USA, the only organization that has successfully weeded out the cadres and established a truly independent leadership not subject to Communist control or influence.

Obama and his fellow Communists are counting on the work of their cadres to sabotage any possibility of conservative success. They need that fifth column to cover them as they ever more boldly push the PLO agenda and advance the Communist revolution on every front.

So how can you recognize and weed out such cadres? For one thing, pay attention to those voices that criticize or disparage JAHG-USA. Take note of anyone who tries to discourage participation in JAHG-USA’s PLO-Defunding Campaign, or who suggests that the organization is not highly regarded in general, or who acts as if JAHG-USA’s director, Boruch Ellison, is not widely respected; that person is either a cadre or one of their willing collaborators. It does not matter if the person is one of your long-time friends, or a leader you have come to trust and respect, or even a relative, nor does it matter if the person claims he is merely echoing other people’s alleged sentiments. In every single case, that is a dangerous saboteur, and you must break all ties with him immediately, including refusing to have a single discussion with him for any reason whatsoever.

Do not think that you lack the strength to do this. Sooner or later, you will recognize the ugly truth about that person and his fellow agents, and you will ultimately have to break with their ilk for the sake of your own survival. Indeed, everyone will wake up to this reality and will panic upon realizing they are surrounded by spies; that mass awakening is itself mentioned in the Jewish prophetic tradition.

And don’t just weed out such spies; get involved in the PLO-Defunding Campaign with all of your energy and resources.

Dozens of new endorsements (and refusals to endorse) have just been posted on the campaign’s web site (www.plo.attacreport.com); the campaign now has over 550 endorsements by orthodox rabbis and other leaders of all major affiliations, plus over 90 endorsements by pro-life and other conservative leaders. JAHG-USA’s movement is gradually, inexorably building toward the day of its ultimate victory; don’t wait to be part of it.


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