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Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

21 Tammuz, 5769 / July 13, 2009

NEWS ITEM: Faked video from Iran

As the Communist international moves ahead with its global “Tet Offensive,” sparing not a single resource in its all-out psychological assault to fool mankind into believing resistance is futile, it is poised to create a new wave of phony “regime collapses” throughout the Communist Bloc. It is purely a repeat of the disinformation of 1989 to 1991, the bogus “changes” that left the Communists fully in power throughout the Soviet republics and Eastern Europe while attempting to lull the outside world into dropping its guard. And despite the fact that fewer and fewer people are now fooled by the first wave of deceptions, the Communists are hoping that this time, somehow, the new wave will work better at tricking us into providing the rope with which they mean to hang us (G-d forbid!). (A review of those new deceptions, in Zimbabwe, Cuba, Iran, and especially Red China, can be read in the April 27, 2008 issue of our JAHG-USA newsletter.)

So many people, in fact, no longer trust the suspiciously coordinated news of “collapses” in Communist countries that the Communists are resorting to more intense, emotional-button-pushing imagery to try to make the bogus “changes” seem more real.

Case in point: As part of the illusion of “turmoil” in Communist Iran, a video was released last month purportedly showing a young Iranian woman being shot by government forces and dying in the streets of Tehran. The Leftists throughout the news media have aggressively drawn attention to that video for the sake of trying to paint Iran as a nation about to undergo a regime “change.”

But there are some serious problems with that video, and its attendant story, that strongly suggest outright fakery by Iran’s Communist regime:

  • Neda Agha-Soltan, the 26-year-old woman supposedly “dying” in the video, is not just some random member of the public, as Iranian protesters would have you believe. Her father has long worked directly for the Communist government, meaning she is a privileged, elite member of that Communist society. Accordingly, she has studied at a university, which is normally reserved only for students willing to be members of the Communist machinery; indeed, she is described as being quite “loyal” to the ruling Communist revolution.
  • Iran is run by a secret police structure modeled after the Soviet KGB and directly supervised by KGB officers. Yet Agha-Soltan is allowed to have access to satellite TV, the Internet, cell phones, and even music and singing lessons — privileges exclusively reserved for loyal Communists in Iran as well as in Soviet Russia, Red China, or any other Communist-occupied country. And despite Iran’s closed borders (Iranians, like Russians, are forbidden to leave their country or even travel outside of it without approval by the secret police), Agha-Soltan has been allowed to travel abroad quite freely.
    She is hardly an ordinary Iranian.
  • The account of her alleged “death” cannot be confirmed by any independent source. The stories, often conflicting, come exclusively from Iranians themselves, most prominently from her music teacher, Hamid Panahi (who claims to have been present at her “death”), as well as from various “associates” or “relatives” of Agha-Soltan whom we cannot identify as truly being so. The very fact that the Iranian government has allowed those “associates” to speak openly and freely with the western news media strongly implies they are members of the secret police.
  • The Iranian government did nothing to suppress that video of Agha-Soltan’s alleged “death.” On the contrary, it has allowed the video’s free dissemination all over the Internet, especially YouTube, and on satellite TV, and has done virtually everything it can to ensure western attention for that video. It’s as if the Iranian government wants us to know about the video and believe in it; after all, that same regime and its official media have been the main source announcing various other alleged (and totally unconfirmable) “deaths” of protesters. It is the regime itself that is concocting the stories of “riots” and “crackdowns.”
  • The Communist regime has also strictly controlled the international news media’s reporting of “unrest,” evicting most reporters from the country and thereby preventing the possibility of overly curious journalists discovering that the “violence” is being faked. Only a tiny handful of carefully selected reporters have been allowed to remain behind to provide international coverage, obviously those who are in the regime’s pocket.
  • Agha-Soltan’s story has been reported by precisely such controlled journalists. The New York Times version came from its Tehran bureau reporter, Nazila Fathi, an open Leftist who avidly supports Marxist political causes — including the Communist-led “opposition” in Iran. The Los Angeles Times version came from its Middle East correspondent, Borzou Daragahi, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize (awarded only to Marxists and their close collaborators) who received his college education partly at the New School for Social Research in New York, a Communist front for the training of revolutionary cadre. Daragahi has been responsible for much of the LA Times’ pro-PLO, pro-Communist coverage of the Middle East in recent years. Both Fathi and Daragahi were allowed by the Iranian regime to remain in Tehran and report openly on the “riots.”
    Such are the “reporters” whom we are expected to believe with blind faith regarding Agha-Soltan.
  • The circumstances surrounding the video are murky, a mess of conflicting, less-than-credible stories. Supposedly she was shot by a sniper at a distance, being nowhere near any protests or demonstrations but simply an ordinary citizen in the middle of crowded traffic on a street, and too far away from the shooter to have been a specific target anyway. Nor do any of the “witnesses” claim that government forces were shooting randomly. We’re simply expected to believe in a gigantic coincidence.
  • The video itself is jerky and low-quality, and largely conceals Agha-Soltan from view, conveniently making it impossible to confirm its authenticity. Contrary to some news reports, it does not show her falling down; the video begins with her already lying on the ground, surrounded by men acting as if they are assisting her. There is already what is supposed to look like “blood” all over the ground, yet she does not begin bleeding out of her mouth until moments later, and not until after one man’s hand has momentarily blocked the view of her face; then she spits out “blood” (having held her mouth closed until that point, as if to hold the “blood” in her mouth until the right cue). Instead of looking at the “doctor” or any of the others supposedly assisting her, Agha-Soltan strangely looks at the cell phone videotaping her from well off to the side and well beyond the men surrounding her — in fact, her eyes specifically follow the cell phone, upon which she seems intently focused (that bizarre observation was noted even by some of the Iranian “protesters,” who tried hard to explain it away; they certainly don’t want it to occur to you that she’s playing to the camera!).
    The whole scene looks like a low-grade version of a typical Hollywood B-movie death scene, complete with the fake blood and bad choreography. And Agha-Soltan was the right woman for such a job, being an aspiring singer of Persian pop songs with the right stage presence to pull off a bit of acting. Having a poor-quality video blocked by numerous people, and not requiring her to act out the fall to the ground (a more difficult scene to play), also made things easier for Agha-Soltan.

There’s absolutely no way to confirm that Agha-Soltan was actually shot or died; in all likelihood, she is alive and well today — and probably receiving a promotion by the Communists, perhaps in the disinformation section of Iran’s intelligence service.

The point of the whole deception is to convince the outside world that a “new” regime is soon coming to power. That, in turn, would provide the excuse to lower America’s defenses, provide financial and technological aid to Iran, and shift diplomatic allegiances away from Israel toward Iran, to the point of openly supporting the PLO revolution. Without the illusion of a regime change, there’s no way to persuade Americans to abandon Israel and support the Communist revolution against it.

So how can you, as an individual, help defeat this scheme? By participating in the one movement that is taking the offensive in the fight against the PLO: the Campaign to Defund the PLO, which is gradually building an unstoppable momentum to cut off the more than $1 billion the Communist PLO receives each year from American taxpayers.

We’ve just posted the latest update to the PLO-Defunding Campaign’s web site, with a longer list of those who endorse the campaign as well as those who refuse. Visit our site today, at www.plo.attacreport.com, to see the latest updates and to volunteer your time and resources for the fight to starve the PLO of its financial lifeline. Don’t wait while the Communist disinformation experts play America as the fool.


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