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From the desk of
Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

16 Iyar, 5769 / May 10, 2009

Weeks ago, the Palestinian Authority (PA) — the front regime of the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) — officially sentenced a middle-aged palestinian Arab man to death for the “crime” of selling his own private land to Jews. The Arab man was given no right to “appeal” the decision (as if that would make any difference anyway), and his money and property have already been seized in advance of the official hanging.

For years, PLO death squads have been terrorizing palestinian Arabs for selling their own private property to Jews, for being seen talking with Jews, for expressing sympathy for Israel, or for no reason at all. Arab mothers in the PLO-occupied Gaza and West Bank are forced to “confess” to such nonexistent “crimes” after seeing their own children violently tortured, then are executed at gunpoint in front of their small children — and, of course, in front of their entire village. Innocent Arab men, women, and children are hunted down by the PLO and maimed with acid or shot in the back of the head, brothers are forced to murder their own sisters publicly or face the same themselves, and so on.

The purpose of the PLO's Red Terror is according to the instructions of Communist revolutionary theorist V.I. Lenin — to torture, maim, and murder the civilians being “liberated” to terrify the survivors and ensure none will dare disobey the orders for Marxist revolution. Palestinian Arabs by no means wish to fight Israel, let alone have a murderous Communist regime imposed on them, but they are hostages of the Soviet-controlled PLO revolution.

By all estimates, the PLO has already murdered thousands of palestinian Arabs in cold blood, and millions more are trapped under PLO occupation. During the last two years, the PLO and its various allies and front groups (such as Hamas) have sealed off the Gaza Strip and expelled virtually all foreigners. There is good reason to believe they are now committing genocide on a large scale against the 1.5 million palestinian Arabs trapped there under PLO occupation. But as long as PLO forces remain in tight control of the Gaza, there is simply no way to know how large the bloodbath is.

Long-time Communist Barack Obama continues to fund the PLO at the rate of more than $2.5 million dollars every single day. That’s your tax money paying for the PLO’s Marxist revolution and all the guns, bullets, bombs, missiles, terrorist salaries, and other resources that growing army needs to build a Communist regime on the corpses of Arab civilians. Those dollars are the lifeline that keeps the PLO occupation forces in power; without that aid, the PLO would collapse and be annihilated by its Arab victims.

It’s time for you to get involved in JAHG-USA’s PLO-Defunding Campaign. With our latest update to the PLO-defunding site, the campaign now has 535 endorsements from orthodox rabbis and other Jewish leaders, Christian ministers, and pro-life leaders. Visit the site today to see how you can volunteer your time and other resources.


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