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From the desk of
Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

25 Nissan, 5769 / April 19, 2009

The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) continues its wave of terror attacks with your tax dollars.

The PLO and its various front groups are holding over 1.5 million palestinian Arabs hostage, torturing and murdering untold hundreds or thousands of them to persuade them not to resist the Marxist revolution. PLO terrorists are conducting shootings and other violent attacks against Israelis and Arabs alike. They are firing longer-range missiles into Israel, directly at civilian targets. And they are using bombings and other weapons in an accelerated revolution against Turkey, hiding among an intimidated Kurdish population.

Red China is supplying the newer, more powerful rockets — Grad Katyushas and 122mm missiles with deadly explosive warheads — transported via Communist Egypt.

Soviet Russia is providing thousands of Kalashnikov assault rifles and handguns, hundreds of armored vehicles, and even helicopters, rapidly building the nucleus of a full-scale “Red Army” directly in PLO-occupied territories, from which it will be able to launch all-out war with deadly efficiency.

And the U.S. government is paying for the whole disaster, to the tune of over $1 billion annually, which covers ammunition, training, construction of short-range “Qassam” missiles (at about $700 apiece), military bases, underground tunnels, and numerous other items on the PLO’s military budget. In fact, Uncle Sam even throws in many thousands of M-16 assault rifles, millions of rounds of ammunition, and professional military training — all for free!

Needless to say, the Barack Obama administration is now pushing hard for an increase of hundreds of millions of dollars in that U.S. aid to the PLO. Obama himself, a lifelong Communist who has worked with Marxist-Leninist terrorists of the Weather Underground Organization (WUO) and with PLO front groups in the U.S., isn’t doing this by accident. He consciously means to help the PLO destroy Israel, murder Jews and Arabs by the millions, and impose a wave of Red Terror throughout the Middle East — a primary goal of international Communism for many decades.

Obama and his fellow Communist revolutionaries must (and ultimately will) be stopped. As of the new update we have just posted to JAHG-USA’s PLO-defunding site, the campaign to terminate U.S. funding for the PLO has just reached a total of 530 endorsements, including dozens of pro-life leaders and Christian pastors as well as hundreds of orthodox rabbis. Now it’s your turn to get involved in working toward the day that the government will finally reverse policy and end all financing of PLO terrorism. Visit the campaign site today to see how you can help.


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