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Bi-Weekly Newsletter of Judaic Theocracy

Week of 16 MarCheshvan, 5768 / October 28, 2007

Editor: Boruch (Bryan) Ellison

"Issues of World War III" Survey

"What should be done about the recent crackdown in Myanmar?" The Burmese government doesn't appear to be terribly popular these days. Everyone who responded voted for overthrowing the Yangon regime. However, no one seemed to trust the opposition movement much, either. But overall, responses were down from most weeks, probably reflecting a general state of confusion as to what's happening in Burma. We won't reprint the few comments here; they didn't add much information.

Factual Background:
Burma was officially cut loose from British colonial protection in 1948, shortly after the same happened to the rest of the Indian subcontinent. And like India, Burma emerged with a radical Marxist government bent on plunging the country into full Communist revolution.

The new government was a product of the Communist-controlled revolution that fought for the removal of British influence from all India. Aung San, general of the Burma National Army (BNA, originally the Burma Independence Army/BIA), was a member of Burma's Communist Party, an ally of violent Communist agitator Mahatma Ghandi and his Congress movement, an open advocate of the Soviet Union, and the co-founder of Burma's first post-British government.

Aung San's BIA collaborated with the Japanese during World War II to receive military aid in throwing the British out of Burma, then proceeded to ravage the country with anarchy. Upon seeing the tide of the war shifting against their Japanese sponsors, the BIA (by that time known as the BNA) turned on the Japanese to drive them out of Burma — while simultaneously fighting British control and even murdering a British official. The BNA was able to continue with British support, protected by traitors in the highest levels of the British government, until it became Burma's new government.

U Nu, another veteran of the BNA Communist revolution, joined Aung San in leading the new government, which allied itself with the Soviet Union, destroyed the economy through radical Socialism and abolition of private property, and formed a military modeled after the Soviet Red Army. But Communist Bloc leaders also ordered the Burmese regime to adopt an official policy of maintaining a certain diplomatic neutrality, pretending not to be part of the Communist Bloc, so as not to alarm the West too greatly.

Power shifted in 1962 to General Ne Win, also a veteran revolutionary of the Communist BNA and a close ally of Aung San. Consolidating the Marxist policies of his predecessors and organizing an efficient police state, Ne Win effectively turned Burma into a fully Communist-occupied nation. Its borders were sealed, concentration camps were instituted, and Burma collapsed into abject poverty and despair.

With minor changes in leadership, the same regime remains in power to this day. Having renamed the country Myanmar, the dictatorship now receives enormous economic and military aid from Soviet Russia and Red China both, including nuclear technology, advanced MiG-29 fighter aircraft, Soviet Russian and Red Chinese "advisors" inside Myanmar to run the country, and training in Soviet Russia for Myanmar's military personnel. Both Soviet Russia and Red China are using their authority in the United Nations Security Council to block measures that might undermine the Myanmar regime, even including official condemnations.

But the Myanmar "democratic opposition" isn't exactly what it appears to be. It was tolerated, even encouraged, by the regime to develop during the 1970s as the Democratic National Front (DNF), even receiving the support of General U Tin U, supreme commander of the Burmese military; for that matter, the movement couldn't have come into existence without the active involvement of Burma's all-pervasive secret police.

The DNF became the National League for Democracy (NLD) in 1988. Its leading figure, Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, is herself a radical Marxist and the daughter of Communist General Aung San, co-founder of Burma's original Marxist government; she admits her movement is influenced by South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Nelson Mandela, a bloodthirsty advocate of terrorism. She consistently opposes any overthrow of the regime, generally refuses to endorse economic sanctions against it, and is allowed tremendous publicity and access to the world news media to promote her NLD movement without serious government interference. She's hardly an enemy of the regime.

Government leaders themselves help run the "opposition." One of the NLD's deputy chairmen has been U Kyi Maung, another former officer of the Communist BIA and a former member of the Marxist regime of Aung San and U Nu. Another NLD deputy chairman has been U Tin U, formerly the general in command of the Burmese Red military and also a fighter with the old BIA — and a close confidant of Aung San Suu Kyi. Both U Kyi Maung and U Tin U also enjoy the remarkable ability to organize the "opposition" without any real interference by the regime.

Myanmar's secret police, naturally, have heavily infiltrated the university campuses and Buddhist clergy. Former General U Tin U himself became a Buddhist monk for a time. Thus the recent news images of protesting Buddhist monks and students, like the entire NLD "opposition," represents nothing more than elaborate theater for outside consumption. Its intent is not to overthrow the regime or change it in any way, but if the Communists choose, they could at any time orchestrate a rise to power of the NLD in order to persuade the outside world that the Communist regime has "collapsed" — thus making the Soviet and Red Chinese military buildup in Myanmar seem less threatening. Communist control over the country, however, would remain intact.

Relevant Torah Principles:
1) One of the 613 Torah commandments requires Jews to exterminate the entire nation of Amalek, the ancient, underground force that today drives the international Communist revolution. No part of Amalek can be allowed to remain. The failure to finish the job can cause enormous disaster; it cost King Saul his throne (I Samuel 15) and eventually led to the near Holocaust against the Jewish people in the Persian empire, according to the schemes of Amaleki descendant Haman (Esther 3:1).

2) When Amalek has attacked first, then it becomes mandatory for everyone to fight back according to the principle of totally exterminating Amalek and its allies and collaborators. The failure to do so guarantees the impossibility of victory, for Amalek is a tenacious enemy that will not quit or surrender once it has gained control of the battlefield. Under these conditions, the Noahide Commandment of justice requires gentiles, too, to prosecute the war against Amalek to the point of annihilating the enemy, and not to stop short with a simple, short-term victory.

Myanmar is more than just a humanitarian crisis for its people, as all Communist regimes are; it is a strategic threat to the entire world. It is becoming a crucial naval and land base for Communist Bloc forces, giving them a strong position from which to subvert and overthrow the governments of Thailand, India, and other nations in the region.

Supporting the "opposition" is just a trap, however. The only real solution, the strategic imperative, is to move against the Soviet Russian and Red Chinese regimes that prop up and arm the Myanmar dictatorship. We must deny the Communist Bloc the hard cash it needs through sale of its cheap exports, refuse to sell them technology or resources that sustain them, and find every other possible way to overthrow their regimes. That, in turn, will make the liberation of Burma an easy proposition.

And now for this week's survey question:

What can be done about the collapsing housing market?

(1) Increase regulatory oversight of banks and developers.
(2) Nothing for now, but deregulate banking and development to prevent future disasters.
(3) Don't worry about it; the market is nearing bottom and will soon recover.
(4) Other

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Subversion Alert

This week: Rabbi Yona Metzger… Again, Part 1
We've covered his subversive activities several times before, but Israel's chief Ashkenazic rabbi, Yona Metzger, is so busy pushing Marxist activism and interfaith destruction of Judaism that we can hardly keep up.

Last February, he hopped over to New Delhi, India, for a "Hindu-Jewish Leadership Summit" sponsored by the World Council of Religious Leaders, a Communist-front group that promotes Marxist causes in the name of religion.

Then in August, a delegation of Muslim leaders from India visited Israel, where they met with PLO leaders and Shimon Peres, the Marxist Israeli president long affiliated with the Soviet-controlled Socialist International. The Leftist "Muslim" clerics afterwards proceeded to have an interfaith meeting in Jerusalem with Yona Metzger, who enthusiastically signed a joint "peace accord" document — essentially an agreement to work for Israel's surrender to the Communist, anti-Muslim PLO.

Even if those "religious" leaders were genuine and not Communist agents in clerical robes, such interfaith meetings would be absolutely prohibited by Torah Law. Any rabbi who participates in such events is subject to being stripped of his rabbinical ordination and being placed under excommunication. But to cooperate with Communists for the destruction of Israel is just plain treason, liable to the death penalty in most nations and under Torah Law.

But don't think Metzger stopped with these subversive events. In recent weeks, he's been raising the stakes dangerously.

To be continued…

(Note: The underground Communist apparatus and its aboveground tentacles are actively engaged in subversion in all sectors and institutions of society today. Its agents would dearly love to know the full extent of our information, which would assist their disinformation efforts. Consequently, we do not divulge all our facts or sources. These profiles are intended only as a warning to the wise to monitor the individuals and groups exposed here, and to avoid their influence.)

This Week's Update at Hasidic University

The newest update of our sister site, Hasidic University, features 31 new profiles regarding the Noahide Laws:

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Terrorism Update:

Summary of PLO-related terror attacks these last two weeks, Wednesday (October 17) through Tuesday (October 30), plus one previously unlisted attack on Tuesday, October 16:

Several recent discoveries by Israeli law enforcement and the military have been erasing the myth that groups such as Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) are independent of the PLO:

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Casualty count for these last two weeks (not counting dead & injured terrorists):

(Sources: various Israeli and American news agencies)

Behind the "Al Qaeda" Mask, Part 4
Egypt's "Al Qaeda" Pyramid Scheme

Since around 1990, when the Communist Bloc tried to make itself "vanish" by having several of its regimes stage a phony "collapse," the intelligence services of many Communist governments — especially in the Middle East — have jointly orchestrated the grand illusion of a phantom "Islamist" terror network spreading its tentacles throughout the Muslim world and beyond. The illusory network was to act not only as a decoy to distract from the terrorist activities of the Communists, but also to provide a ghostly enemy that would draw the U.S. and European nations into quagmire conflicts against forces that could never be identified or found.

Since about 2000, the "Islamist" phantom menace has been dubbed "Al Qaeda" by the news media and the Bush Administration, though the name is virtually unknown outside Western countries.

Communist Egypt has served as a major hub, if not the unofficial headquarters, of the phantom menace. "Jihadi" or "Al Qaeda" groups are said to operate both in the country and abroad, to the extent that one such group, the Islamic Jihad of Egypt (or simply Al-Jihad), is said to be the very leadership of the invisible "Al Qaeda" world network.

These groups are rooted in a larger organization that at times is rumored to be affiliated with "Al Qaeda," and at other times is treated as a legitimate political movement: the Muslim Brotherhood. We cannot therefore understand the making of the "Al Qaeda" illusion without knowing a bit of the Brotherhood's history.

Founded in Egypt in 1928 as an attempt to offset the growing influence of genuine Muslim revival in neighboring Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood copied its organizational structure and methods directly from the Communist Party. It assisted the Marxist revolution by organizing radical labor unions, openly preached Socialist revolution, and later formally worked together with the Communists. In other words, the Brotherhood quite evidently must have been founded and run by Communist agents; certainly it served as a nominally "religious" front movement through which the Communists were able to promote their entire revolution, in disguise, to a population that detested the Communist label.

The Brotherhood therefore also maintained close links, and cooperated in revolution, with the other Communist-controlled movements that eventually overthrew the government and installed a Communist regime in 1952 — the Wafd and the Free Officers (which included Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egypt's first Communist dictator). Wafdists and Free Officers shared members with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood used its extensive network of infiltrators in the army and the government to assist in the revolution. In return, the Brotherhood was brought directly into the ruling Communist coalition in 1952.

Next: The Brotherhood's Tentacles Spread Worldwide.

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